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Laguna 12" Parallelogram Jointer

Laguna Tools

12" Parallelogram Jointer


Shipping Weight: 1067.0 lb
Please Note: Some weights are volumetric


Due to weight and/or length restrictions this product is not available for purchase on line.

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Laguna 12" Parallelogram Jointer

SKU: MJOIN12X86-5-1-0130

Introducing the brand new 12” Laguna Parallelogram Jointer! Edge jointing is fine, but face jointing is what they all did back in the old world. Everything starts at the jointer, probably one of the most versatile machines you can own. You must have a flat surface to accomplish anything true and this is where it starts. If you want to do the job right, this is what you need.

This jointer opens up a new world that allows you to control not only your edge, but now also the face. Long beds controlled by smooth handwheels (rather than levers) & a strong precision fence with rack & pinion adjustments sets this jointer apart, all at a very reasonable price. It is the ultimate indulgence for the demanding woodworker. Of course, a jointer in this class would not be complete without the ultimate cutter head which is why this machine comes standard with Laguna’s exclusive ShearTec II head. The Laguna ShearTec II is at the cutting edge of Spiral Cutterhead technology today. Deep gullets allow chips to exit fast & keep the head clean. The inserts are made from thicker solid German carbide & set into the head on a flat surface rather than a cone design. This allows more torque to be used when tightening the inserts. All of the inserts are slightly angled to give a shear-type cut with low impact & less kick-back action. The leading edge is crowned to minimize lines appearing.

Laguna ShearTec II heads are all 6 row; most competitors’ heads offer just 3 or 4 rows. There obviously are a host of benefits associated with the additional rows: More carbide inserts, longer life, less noise and vibration, less kick-back & smoother finish.

Table Adjustment: Parallelogram With Crank
Maximum Width: 12"
Maximum Depth of Cut: 0.5"
Rabbeting Capacity: 0.5"
Knife System: ShearTec II
Knife Type: 4 Sided Carbide
Number of Knives: 66 (six rows of 11)
Cutter-Head Diameter: 4"
Table Dimensions: 12 x 87-3/4”
Fence Dimensions: 5-3/8” x 60
Fence Tilt: 90° & 45° with Positive Stop
Height From Floor: 33?
Wheel System: Built-In
Net Weight: 875 lbs.
Shipping Weight: 1067 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions (L x W x H): 90 x 29.5 x 48

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