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Hammer K3 Winner with Comfort Package


K3 Winner with Comfort Package

SKU: K3Winner

Shipping Weight: 771.62 lb

Due to weight and/or length restrictions this product is not available for purchase on line.

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Due to supply chain issues caused by the Covid 19 pandemic our next Hammer A3-31's will not be available until mid June 2021

Call us to pre-order yours today.

Hammer K3 Winner with Comfort Package

SKU: K3 Winner

Size, performance and precision with proven HAMMER technology

The K3 winner, with the Comfort feature package, is a sliding table saw that boasts high-quality Hammer technology, unique ease of operation and innovative solutions that are obvious in every detail.
The Comfort feature package, contains additional features such as the 2000 mm (78") sliding table, outrigger table with miter index system that meets the high demands of professionals.

Naturally there are many other useful accessories available to fulfill your individual needs.

Details that will impress you!

Massive saw assembly
A solid and compact saw assembly for years of reliability.
Main saw-blade Ø 10"-12" (250-315 mm)
Maximum cutting height 4" (103 mm) (12" -315mm blade)
Saw blade tilts from 90 - 45
Saw unit speed 4800 rpm
Independently-Driven Scoring Unit
Mechanical scoring unit, scoring blade diameter 3 ?" (80 mm)
Dado Capable
It is also possible to use a grooving cutter "Dado cutter" with your HAMMER sliding table saw.
Rip Capacity
The single handed adjustment system ensures quick and accurate setting of the rip fence from 0" to 48"
Hammer sliding table
Enjoy even more performance with the comfort equipment package including the anodized panel sliding table of 78"
Precision Miter Guide Index System
Angles at 5 degree intervals and at 22.5° may be cut using the index locating pins.
Outrigger table with crosscut fence 51" (1300 mm)
The outrigger table enables the user to process large, heavy work pieces. For the highest in precision and stability, three rollers guide the telescopic support arm.

Features and specifications are subject to change

1x 230 V Motor voltage, Motor 4.0 HP (3.0 kW) S6/40% S
60 Hz motor frequency S
Electrical equipment according to CSA rules S
Saw Unit
Main saw blade diameter 10"-12" (250-315 mm), Saw unit speed 4800 rpm S
Saw blade tilting from 90°-45° max. cutting height 4" (103 mm) S
Saw Table in inches 37" x 15"
Rip capacity continuously adjustable 49" (1250 mm) S
Preparation for Dado tooling up to 3/4" (19.5 mm) width S
Rip fence winner with large round guiding bar S
Mechanical scoring unit, scoring blade diameter 3 ?" (80 mm) S
Sliding table 78" (2000 mm), Cutting length 80" (2050 mm)* S
Outrigger Tables and Crosscut Fences
Outrigger table 1100 S
Precision miter guide index system S
Crosscut fence 51" (1300 mm) for outrigger table S
Weight, lbs. 620/770 lbs

S = Standard Equipment

Features and specifications are subject to change

Download the "Sales Offer" for the Hammer K3 Winner showing standard features and included options.

sales offer download icon

K3 Winner Sales Offer

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