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Hammer HS 950 Edge Sander


HS 950 Edge Sander

SKU: HS950

Shipping Weight: 440.0 lb
Please Note: Some weights are volumetric


Due to weight and/or length restrictions this product is not available for purchase on line.

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Due to supply chain issues caused by the Covid 19 pandemic, our next Hammer HS950's will not be available until mid-October 2021

Call us to pre-order yours today.

Hammer HS 950 Edge Sander

SKU: HS950 (500-14-102)

The Hammer HS 950 is the perfect entry-level machine for demanding edge sanding. The connectible sanding belt oscillation makes perfect use of the entire sanding belt surface. Together with the height-adjustable cast iron sanding table, the HS 950 achieves maximum sanding belt life. Guaranteed flexibility: The sanding unit can be tilted continuously to 90° and the open design allows easy sanding of long workpieces.

With the option to switch the oscillation on or off an individual sanding pattern can be generated. Together with the height-adjustable sanding table clean sanding results are ensured and the service life of the sanding paper is increased enormously.

The sanding unit can be easily swiveled from 90 degree to table level to 0 degree to table level. There are preset end stops at the stop positions. The set angle can be read on the side swing scale.

The solid cast iron working table can be conveniently adjusted manually by 150 mm (5.9") in height. Thus, the sanding belt can be used over the entire height. Together with the oscillation, maximum service life of the sanding belt can be achieved. The table has a T-slot over the entire length of the table.

Supplementary height adjustable table can be added to the left side for sanding radii (> 60 mm).

Product Highlights:

  • Sanding belt oscillation for optimum utilization of the entire sanding belt surface
  • Sanding belt oscillation can be switched on and off
  • Sanding of oversized workpieces thanks to the open design
  • Sanding table tilts from 0°–90°
  • Handwheel table height adjustment
  • Additional table for cylindrical sanding

Download the "Sale Offer" for the Hammer HS950 showing standard features and included options.

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HS950 Sales Offer

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