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Grex 23 Gauge Galvanized Headless Pins (10,000 per pkg.)


23 Gauge Galvanized Headless Pins (10,000 per pkg.)

SKU: P6/28L

Shipping Weight: 1.82 lb


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Grex 23 Gauge Galvanized Headless Pins (10,000 per pkg.)

For Grex Models: P630, P635, P645, P645L, P650 and P650L Pin Nailers

Available Sizes:
1-1/8", 1-3/16", 1-1/2", 1-3/4" and 2"

Why choose Grex 23 Gauge Headless Pins?

Not all 23 gauge pins are created equal. The quality of fasteners is dependent on three key attributes: (1) accurate dimensional specifications, (2) optimal material composition, and (3) dependable collation.

Because 23 gauge pins are extremely fine, setting high standards for each of these attributes is much more critical than traditional finish nails such as 18 or 16 gauge brads. You can be assured that all Grex 23 Gauge Pins are manufactured and tested for the tightest tolerances for each of these attributes.


  • Precision drawn wire guarantees consistent accurate pins
  • Optimized tensile strength for each pin length
  • Durable yet flexible collation minimizes strip fragmentation

These qualities will minimize the potential for nail jams and prevent damage to your tool. They also make it possible for your tool to drive these pins into the wood of your choice. Grex pins can easily penetrate through red oak - that's any pin length ranging from 3/8" up to 2". We have proven results for these pins with your Grex Pinner, but they will surely make any 23 gauge pin nailer work better.

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