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Felder D963 Thickness Planer


D963 Thickness Planer

SKU: D963

Shipping Weight: 11023.11 lb

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Felder D963 Thickness Planer

SKU: D963

The Felder D 963: strength, stability and ease of use at the highest level. This thicknesser with a thickness planing width of 630 mm has been optimized for high performance and therefore it is a powerhouse in performance and precision. Innovative controls, large and heavy precision components show first class workmanship through maximum precision and durability. The Felder D 963 comprises approved Felder components such as the massive thicknesser table, the precise setting accuracy and the four trapezoidal spindles. These components have been extended with new, innovative developments, such as the Silent-Power® spiral cutterblock which provides an excellent thickness planing result. Professional users in trade, commerce and industry benefit from perfect thickness planing results at maximum stress.

The "Digi-Drive" control guarantees maximum ease of use: enter the desired dimension, press start and the thicknesser table adjusts exactly to the position you require. LED displays for the required and actual value. Additional functions: incremental adjustments, 4 programmable thicknessing table positions.

Product Highlights:

  • Planing height 3 - 300mm (0.11811 - 11.811")
  • Maximum depth of cut 8mm (0.314961")
  • Feed speed infinitely variable between 4 and 16 m/min
  • Silent Power spiral cutterhead with 95 individual inserts
  • Electronic "Digi-Drive" control for precise positioning of the planer table.
  • 2 Steel outfeed rollers
  • Steel infeed roller
  • Spring-loaded, segmented infeed pressure bar
  • 10kW (13.5HP) 230V, 60Hz, 3-Phase main motor

Features and specifications are subject to change

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