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Axiom Precision AR6 PRO V5 24" x 36" CNC Router

Axiom Precision

AR6 PRO V5 24" x 36" CNC Router



Weight: 300.27 lb

This product is available on a special order basis.

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Axiom AR6 PRO V5 24" x 36" CNC Router


New Version

The Axiom Precision AutoRoute Pro V5 Series of CNC routers offers all of the great features of our Pro Series machines, but adds 4th-axis capability. Powerful electro spindle performance, and rotary machining capability in a compact industrial machine. Our Pro V5 Series CNC routers have a full 5.9'' Z travel capacity, and a quiet yet powerful 3HP electro-spindle with integrated liquid cooling system. Each Pro V5 machine is prewired to accept our optional Rotary Kit. The Axiom AutoRoute Pro V5 Series CNC routers also offer precision ball screws, prismatic guides, a robust steel frame, and interlocking aluminum table. In addition, the integrated MDF spoil boards promise you the all precision you need, since they can easily be milled flat for a true perpendicular surface to the spindle.

There is no need to attach your CNC router to your computer to operate it. Simply transfer your file to the handheld controller via USB storage device. The handheld RichAuto controller is a powerful, lightweight and easy to use controller with nearly a decade of proven results in demanding applications.

New Upgrades

  • Upgraded Stepper Motors (24 volt to 48 volt) for improved torque
  • Upgraded Liquid Cooling System
  • Upgraded VFD for increased power


  • 3HP Electro Spindle
  • Integrated Liquid Cooling System
  • RichAuto B18 DSP 4-Axis Controller
  • Interlocking Aluminum Table
  • Precision Ball Screws
  • Auto Tool Touch-off Plate
  • Optional Stand and Tool Box available
X axis travel 610mm (24")
Y axis travel 915mm (35.82")
Z axis travel 153mm (5.9")
C axis travel 360deg
Table work area 28.4" x 51"
Spindle Configuration ER20
Included Collets 1/4" & 1/2"
Electro Spindle 2.2KW (3.0HP)
Spindle speed 0~24000 RPM
Rapid feed rate 300 IPM (5 MPM)
Precision Linear Guideway X/Y/Z
Precision BallScrew X/Y/Z
BallScrew Diameter 15mm
Positional Accuracy +/- 0.10mm (.00393”)
Power requirements 220 V,50~60 Hz, 10A, 1-Phase
Working Table High rigidity Aluminum Extrusion
Gantry bridge High rigidity Aluminum Extrusion
Gantry Supports Aluminum alloy gravity cast
Gantry Clearance 6.5 inches
Machine Base All Welded Steel
Frame Machine Dimensions 51.18" L x 37.36" W x 30.27" H
Shipping Dimensions 53" L x 39" W x 33" H
Shipping Weight 360 lbs
Tool Touch Off Included
On Board Cooling System Included
Controller • RichAuto B18 DSP 4-Axis Controller
• DSP CNC motion control system
• USB port for easy file transfer.
Language Support English / Chinese

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